Photoshoot Alert : Exploring the Dafermou Winery

December 31, 2017

Χαριτινη Ηλιάδου

We always make an effort to brim up our photoshoot sessions with fun, excitement and adventures by picking out exotic locations. This time around, we had the pleasure of exploring the extraordinary Dafermou Winery, located just below majestic Lefkara village, once again with the extremely beautiful Chartini Iliadou and talented photographer, Leonidas Leonidou. Needless to say, it turned out to be an absolute and utter delight, and we got a chance to explore our artistic passions and creativity like never before. 

Dafermou was undoubtedly the ideal location to showcase the contemporary designs and vintage accents of our collection of new arrivals, for it provided the perfect canvas of glorious vineyards and scenic rolling hills. Both, the natural beauty and the interior of the winery provided us with an abundance of excellent locations to project our art and creativity.

Χαριτινη Ηλιάδου

Χαριτίνη Ηλιάδου

Χαριτίνη Ηλιάδου

Χαριτίνη Ηλιάδου

We were surrounded by the glory of natural beauty, blended with the rugged glamour of European architecture and intricate woodwork, which all combined to fuel our artistic passions. Watching Chartini strike powerful poses brimming with confidence and flirtatious sensuality set our hearts fluttering, and the excitement of it all refused to leave our spines.

We explored several indoor and outdoor locations to showcase the versatility of our collection. The outdoor settings provided a kaleidoscopic blend of natural colours, while the intricate wood-work of the winery gave our collection a ramp-ready jet-setter appeal. The winery and its beautiful expanse have a strong cultural presence in the valley, and this artistic presence is easily reflected through the décor and architectural design, which our photographer captured masterfully.

The talent and dedication these two insanely creative professionals have to their job never seems to delight and excite us. Working with people who adore their jobs and always perform to the best of their abilities always turned out to be a memorable and extremely successful venture. The energy provided by the gorgeous Charitini and the talented Leonidas kept us on our toes, and we enjoyed every single moment of this glorious photoshoot.

The brilliant team of Moments allowed us to cherish these beautiful moments forever with their extraordinary videography skills. We can never thank them enough for preserving our time at Dafermou with such sheer creativity!




...and some additional shots of my beautiful sis Elena Chrysafi and myself were added to complete our photoshoot. Let's get started! :)



NA-KD is a contemporary brand that allows women to rock a flawlessly immaculate and ramp-ready wardrobe without breaking their bank. You can pick out the raging trends of runway, and give your wardrobe a bold makeover with sleek cuts, sexy slits, audacious designs and luxurious fabrics. This is an iconic brand that delivers glamour to those who seek to stand out and ravish themselves with the charisma of exclusivity.

Alice Sweater - Dusty Pink

These voguishly chic delight will beguile you with its luxurious comfort and cosy snugness, and a contemporary design to give your winter wardrobe a feisty glamour. The one-shoulder and choker-neck design play up such a modern take on knitwear, this dusty pink sweater exudes such an infectiously chic jet-setter vibe!

Pink sweater


Checked Coat-Black & White

Checked black & white is an incredibly versatile and fashion-forward pattern, which makes this trench coat a definite must-have for the chilly season. Now, this a delight that you can flaunt anywhere and everywhere, be it a cocktail party or a regular day at work. It’s the perfect base layer for all your winter statements.

Checked Black & White Coat


Glittery Bandeau Top

Bandeaus are trending super-hot on the fashion radar, and we present you this glamorous glittery bandeau top from the exclusive Vanessa Moe x NA-KD collection. This ramp-ready bandeau top features a stretchy soft fabric, and a glittery colour palette to give your festive and club-hopping statements a striking dose of glamour.

Glittery Top Grey


Glittery Pants

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Glittery grey pants


Sparkle It Up Jumpsuit

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Sequin Jumpsuit


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Sequin Trousers




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Crème de la Crème Coat-Beige

A creamy beige coat that will delight your skin with a comfy snugness and give your style statements an effortless chicness. This contemporary beauty can be flaunted at work, or even carried to a casual lunch with your girls. Its self-tie belt is perfect to give your waist a curve-emphasizing cinch.


Distressed Hooded Cardigan-Mustard

Hooded cashmere cardigans are trending super-hot on the fashion radar, and these cosy delights are a definite must-have to greet the chilly winds with an on-point wardrobe. Its energetic mustard colour is perfect to grab instant attention, while the vintage-style knitwear design will never disappoint you with its timeless charm.



Sequin Evening Dress - Black

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Scarf Ruffle Sleeve Blouse - Multicolour

An infectiously voguish and artfully chic blouse featuring contemporary accents, a scarf-like ruffled neckline and romantically flirtatious ruffled sleeves. It is the perfect blouse to give your workwear attire a subtle makeover, allowing you to flaunt your feminine sensuality with a modern elegance. You can also flaunt this delight to fancy luncheons, art galleries, or even a hot coffee date.

Ruffle Blouse


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Beaded Shirt


Tulip Cropped Sweater-Red

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Red Cropped Sweater


Mona Oversized Distressed Sweater-Black

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Distressed Over-sized Sweater


Crystals Sweater - Beige

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Beige Sweater


Crystal Wide Sleeves Sweater-Baby Blue

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Baby Blue Sweater


Girls Only Sweater - Light Pink

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Pink Sweater


Berlin Cropped Lace Pants-Black

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Wide leg pants high waist


Ann Wide Leg High Waist Pants-Black

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Wide leg pants high waist


Disco Girl Glitter See-Through Top-Brown

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Glitter see through top


Okra Light Cardigan - Beige

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Beige Cardigan



Short-Sleeve Cardigan - Grey

This insanely voguish short-sleeved cardigan will delight you with its cosy comfort and light-weight design, which can be paired up with any and every outfit. It is the perfect pick to add some romantically feminine knitwear to your work wardrobe. You can flaunt this effortlessly chic delight anywhere and everywhere.

Grey Cardigan


Rainbow Oversized Cardigan - Multicolour Pink

A stylishly fashion-forward cardigan with a beguilingly cosy oversized fit, which is perfect for contemporary streetwear and even for work. Its multi-coloured pink-toned palette strikes all the right chords of feminine sensuality, while its contemporary design blends in all the comforts of luxurious knitwear. This is a delight that you will forever cherish!

Over sized cardigan


Rainbow Oversized Cardigan-Multicolour Blue

This oversized cardigan will prove to be one of your best investments for the chilly season, for its contemporary design and luxurious comfort will never let you down. Its effortlessly chic style is perfect for streetwear, and it’s energetically refreshing multi-coloured blue pattern is just what a girl needs to give outfit a bright pop of colour.

Over sized cardigan


Lace UP Cropped Sweater-Camel

An insanely voguish cropped sweater featuring the vintage-glamour of a sensual lace-up neckline. This simplistically chic camel-hued sweater strikes all the right chords of contemporary elegance with its subtle design. It will give your contemporary streetwear a romantic touch of femininity with its midriff-revealing length. Flaunt it anywhere and everywhere!

Cropped sweater



Lace UP Cropped Sweater-Dark Blue

A delightfully chic cropped black sweater featuring a timelessly sexy lace-up neckline and a just-above-the-waist length, perfect to be flaunted with high-waisted pants and pencil skirt. This subtle feminine delight is a must-have for work, and you can also flaunt it at any given occasion, be it a family dinner, a casual lunch or a trip to the mall.

Cropped lace up sweater


Lauren Front Side-Split T-Shirt Black

Flaunt a voguishly contemporary take on a basic black tee with the audaciously sexy Lauren front side-split t-shirt. It revamps your regular black tees for a much sassier and edgier design, which can be paired up with an edgy leather jacket and racy boots for a glamorous night-out statement.

Split t-shirt


Lauren Front Side-Split T-Shirt White

The Lauren front side-split t-shirt is the perfect white alternative to your basic t-shirt as it plays up all the right chords of contemporary glamour. This ramp-ready tee is your ultimate saviour on days you want to feel comfy and look sassy. Flaunt it with your sexiest mini-skirt and loudest sequined blazer!

Split t-shirt


Night Sky Sparkling Silver Stars Scarf Grey

A gloriously gorgeous scarf dripping with ladylike elegance and an exotic glamour that beguiles the onlooker. This is the ultimate scarf that will set you apart on the streets and allow you to grab instant attention with your style savviness. It can add a bright pop of bling to your workwear and casual outfits.

Stars Scarf


Space Scarf Black

An incredibly versatile investment that will never fail to delight you with its snug cosiness and contemporary elegance. It is guaranteed to become your go-to scarf that you can pair up with all your outfits as you make your way out of the house. The Space Scarf in black is a definite must-have for fashion-forward streetwear.

Black Scarf


Night Sky Sparkling Silver Stars Scarf Black

The Night Sky Sparkling Stars Scarf will delight you with its shimmering that is intricately carved on a black canvas on luxuriously comfortable fabric. Its gentle touch will beguile your skin with a cosy comfort, while the glamorous pattern is perfect to bling up both, casual and festive style statements.

Stars Scarf


Night Sky Sparkling Silver Stars Scarf Yellow

The sunny yellow colour palette and shimmery sparkling silver stars of this beautiful scarf are bound to set you apart in the crowds and attract attention to your fashion-forward outfit. Its intricate beadwork is utterly gorgeous, making it an investment that will brighten up your day with an energetically vibrant pop of colour!

Yellow star scarf


Silver Buckle Double Belt

This exclusively glamorous design allows you to flaunt such a voguishly contemporary take on a basic black belt. With its double silver buckles, this is the perfect accessory to stand-out and attract attention with your uniqueness. You can add it to your work wardrobe to spice up the glam of your power suits, pencil skirts and other formal apparel.

Double buckle belt


Gold Buckle Double Black Belt

Here’s the perfect gold buckle double black belt to amplify the glamour of both, your formal and contemporary streetwear apparel. Needless to say, its contemporary design and sleekness makes it an incredibly versatile delight that you can pair up with any and every outfit. It’s double-buckle design strikes all the right chords of exclusivity.

Gold Belt


Barbara Chrysafi xxx






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