Bazics CY - Exciting New Arrivals to Glam Up for the Chilly Season & Our trip to Paris to attend Who's Next Trade Show

November 12, 2017

Paris who's next

Shooting at the Bolivar House with Charitini Iliadou & Leonidas Leonidou

The Bolivar House is a magnificent destination that allows the onlookers to feast their eyes on the majestic beauty of Cyprus and its glorious coast. It provided the perfect ambiance and luxury to introduce our New Arrivals, and needless to say, we were overjoyed with the scenic splendour and creative abundance it offered us.

Our beguiling beauty, Charitini Iliadou, provided the imagery with her signature and the allure of her tantalizing figure. Each shot captured the magnificence of the artistic décor and Charitini’s oozing confidence with such sheer brilliance that we fell head over heels with our photographer, Leonidas Leonidou.

An incredibly talented mind behind the camera, Leonidas made sure the photo shoot captured everything, the beauty of our location, the irresistible sensuality of our lovely model and of course, the chicness of the collections we had the pleasure to endorse.


Metallic skirt cyprus larnaca bolivar


The shoot was divided into several indoor and outdoor location. We allowed the majestic location and our sensual model to lead the reigns of our creativity, as Leonidas captured shot after shot with skilful expertise. We wanted to present some of our outfits with a lavishly luxurious indoor décor, while for some billowy and free-spirited designs, we took Charitini outdoors. With the wind ruffling with her blonde-gold curls and the glory of natural light creating a splendid canvas, which allowed us to click some of the most incredibly imagery we have ever created for our customers.


Cyprus fashion bolivar larnaca


Basics CY is constantly updating its collection to provide its cherished customers the hottest trends of the season. We take immense pride in providing fashion-forward women covetable brands and trendy style inspirations. We’re extremely excited to introduce you to our sassy New Arrivals, and the amazing Australian brands that we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with.


Ivory & Chain

An up and coming Australian fashion brand, Ivory & Chain allows real women to rejoice the power of channel their style goddesses without putting in too much effort. You get to be spontaneous, ambitious, elegant and most importantly, style savvy. We’ve picked out some incredibly voguish pieces from their glorious collection.


Vegan Leather Jacket - Storm 

Here’s an incredibly sexy delight for vegan fashionistas who appreciate the textured sassiness of vegan leather. This edgy biker gal leather jacket features ‘80s inspired oversized ¾ sleeves, a silver zipper and a statement belt to cinch up your waist and play up the sensuality of your curvature. It’s a classic must-have for the chilly season, so you can amplify your boldness and channel your glamour on the streets and at the club. This is going to an amazingly versatile investment that you cherish forever!


Black vegan leather biker jacket


Biker Jacket - Bessy Grey 

The Bessy Biker Jacket in grey has proven to be a glamorous best seller, and undoubtedly the hottest new staple in Australian street style. Made with exquisite vegan leather and feathery soft suedette, it promises durability, cosy comfort and above all, striking versatility that will allow you to flaunt it with any and every outfit. Its classic quilted detailing and silver metalwork make it an instant headturner.

Grey faux suede biker jacket


Biker Jacket - Bessy Black 

Pick out the ultra-chic Bessy Biker Jacket in black to strike a bold and sassy biker gal statement. This delight takes versatility to a whole new level, giving you a go-to outwear staple that you won’t get tired of flaunting throughout the cold months of winter.

Biker jacket soft vegan leather



If you want to rock the hottest international trends with a free-spirited Australian fashion spin, Runaway is the brand that allows you brim up your wardrobe with fun, exciting and gorgeously feminine style staples. Their creative team blends up innovative and young minds along with experienced designer, who put together exciting collections brimming with vivaciously vibrant colour palettes, striking aesthetics, glamorous mixing and matching, feminine dresses and trendy cut outs.


High Waist Skirt - Yellow - Basement Mini 

This sunny yellow skirt is all you need to brim up your style statement with infectious energy and your day with a burst of positivity. Its edgy statement makes a voguishly chic appeal with its high waisted finish, which will tuck in that gently protruding muffin top to slim down your waist and pronounce your curves with a sexy glamour. Its lightweight fabric makes it an all-year round flatterer and the sassy criss-cross tie up front adds a sensual femininity.

Yellow skirt high waist


Black Sweater - Amelie 

The Amelie sweater is a ravishing delight that entwines the classic beauty of cosy knit with the sassy detailing of glamorous mesh. It features an intricate mesh knit detailing on the sleeves and the back, while a thick strap will cinch up your waist from the back. It’s incredibly versatile design can be flaunted with any and every look, be it work or play. And its relaxed fit makes it such a precious investment for the chilly season.

Women's black long sweater


Lace Leggings - Faux Suede - Black

Lace-up leggings are a timelessly sexy trend, and the Harley leggings are just what you need to rock this trend with a sassy glamour. Its faux suede finish will encase your curvaceous legs with an edgy boldness, while the stretchable garment won’t compromise your comfort as you dance the night away at the club. It’s high waisted design is perfect to give that sneaky muffin top a gentle push!

Lace leggings faux suede


Snakeskin Mini Skirt - Vegan Leather - Sand

Snakeskin is a woman’s ultimate style ticket to channel her inner temptress with a beguiling confidence, and this racy miniskirt is a glamour riot with its sassy curve-hugging fit. Crafted with exquisite vegan leather, its sexy front splits and intricate lace-up detailing make it a covetable and voguish pick. It’s a definite must-have to give your nightlife statements a serious jolt of irresistible glamour!

Snakeskin skirt high-waisted


Lace Shirt - Knox White

The Knox lace shirt is a voguishly chic take on the classic white button-down, and it is just what you need to channel your feminine sensuality. Its classic lace-up detailing gives the billowy sleeves a romantic glamour, while its relaxed fit will delight you with its luxurious comfort. It features a pointed collar and a subtle sheen. 

Lace flare shirt white


Seven Wonders

If you’re a dreamer at heart, Seven Wonders is the ultimate Australian fashion brand to indulge in your bohemian fantasies. Its designs convey a romantically feminine aura with artsy prints and gorgeous cuts that ravish a woman and entice her sensuality. If you want to stock up some insanely glamorous retro-inspired designs and vintage delights, look no further, Seven Wonders will entice your shopaholic tendencies with its glorious collections.


Lace-Up Flare Pants - Tan

Lace-up detailing is always a woman’s best pick to unleash her sexiness with a sassy attitude, and this sleek ‘90s inspired lace-up flare pants are just what you need to flaunt at the next bohemian festival. It’s a glamorous fashion bargain if you want to rock the lace-up trend to a serious hilt. Featuring a tantalizing lace-up corset closure that will cinch up your waist and pronounce your curves with a beguiling boldness. You can flaunt this versatile delight with a midriff-baring crop top or even a lovely blouse.

Lace flare pants


Wrap Dress - Navy Spot - Freya 

The Freya Wrap mini dress is the ultimate fashion staple to woo your partner with your beguiling sensuality on a romantic date night. Wrap dresses work wonders at playing up a busty figure, and the boldly plunging V-neck will give your beauty assets a striking pronunciation. You can even flaunt at a formal luncheon, a picnic in the countryside, or a dinner party with friends. Its frilled hemline and voguish chicness will brim up your femininity with prideful confidence.

Wrap dress navy spot


Wrap Top - Navy Spot

If you’re addict to the beauty glamour of retro-inspired designs, the Freya Flare Wrap Top definitely belongs in your wardrobe. It’s romantically billowy flared sleeves cast a voguishly chic vibe, while the plunging V-neck and self-tie wrap design will give you ample opportunity to flaunt your curves with pride. Its perfect fit creates an elegant appeal, while the exquisite embroidery plays up all the right chords of bohemian glamour. It is bound to be a classic investment that you will cherish every time you wear it.


Metallic Skirt - Silver - Vegan Leather 

Give your nightlife statements a glamorous ‘90s inspired makeover with this glitzy silver metallic high waist miniskirt made with premium quality vegan leather. Its gorgeous metallic sheen casts such an infectiously voguish punk-rock appeal, perfect to be paired up against a raunchy blouse and a sleek leather jacket. Its high-waisted design will slim down your waist, giving your curves a well-defined sleekness. Needless to say, it is a woman’s ultimate style ticket to nail instant glamour without really putting in much effort.

Metallic silver skirt high-waisted




The Glitzy Lights of Paris & The Who’s Next Paris Trade Show

As an online women's fashion retail destination, it is always a pleasure for us to visit new cities, and meet talented names from the fashion industry. Last September, we had the pleasure to take a business, and pleasure, trip to Paris, where we also attended the Who’s Next Trade Show.

It turned out to be a journey of complete and utter exhilaration, and we simply couldn’t tire of feasting our eyes on the beguiling glamour and glitzy lights of the city. Needless to say, Paris is, without doubt, the fashion capital of the world and we were delighted to make an entrance.

France paris who's next


Eiffel tower paris

Louvre paris

Paris turned out to be such an excitingly wonderful experience. We lost ourselves to the glitzy glamour of Champs Elysees and the artistic splendours of the Louvre. The Basics CY team had a splendid time visiting the culturally rich streets of Paris, the Galeries Lafayette, strolling through the glorious abbeys of Notre Dame, and devouring delicacies at a cosy café in Montmartre. We clicked dozens of selfies at the lovely France carousel in Le Marais, but the Eifel Tower took up most of our time, and with pleasure, for it is a site no one wants to leave.

The bohemian air of Paris certainly takes a person into a trance of adventure and freedom. If you want to give yourself an experience of raw and surreal glamour, head over to Champs Elysees and feast your eyes on some of the hottest boutiques on this planet.


Who's next paris

The Basics CY team also had the pleasure of attending the Who’s Next Paris Trade Show. We were reminded of the fact that Paris is truly the global fashion capital, for we encountered designers who presented a wide cultural and racial diversity, which is undoubtedly a refreshingly progressive change within the industry. We adored being a part of this spectacular event, for it introduced us to some insanely glamorous French and International brands. It is truly such an extraordinary opportunity to increase your knowledge and network, and to present it to our fashionable goddess.

Barbara Chrysafi xxx

Bazics CY

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